Nature field trip to Ridgefield’s Garden of Ideas

Often times it’s nice to enjoy a journey into nature with camera in hand.  My good friend Catherine Hartigan and I ventured over to Garden of Ideas later in the summer to enjoy their beautiful eight acres of marsh and wooland property–a beautiful park carefully cultivated and developed since the early 1970s.

And as life has its twists and turns, Cathy and I first came to know each other as co-workers in New York City at Merrill Lynch.  So it was a pleasant surprise to reunite at a Wilton Newcomers Club gathering years later — both with families, living in the area.  With each of having a passion for photography, it was a natural re-connection and wonderful opportunity to play, relax, wander and take a moment to truly see.  The most fascinating aspect of our exercise were the results.  Two people, two cameras, same subject matter–and the varying  interpretation of  such a magical

  • SoNo - Catherine Hartigan Photography | Catherine Hartigan Photography - […] This is the second field trip that my friend and fellow photographer Peggy Garbus and I have taken together.  Last year we headed to the Garden of Ideas in Ridgefield, CT and had a great day of shooting.  Peggy describes our adventure in her blog: Garden of Ideas. […]

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